We provide professional engineering design, analysis, Calculating, Measuring and global sourcing services with low cost


Our Engineering Services and Support for Projects:

01 Prefeasibility Study and Feasibility Study


Review Scope of Work

Initial Site Visit

Considering Existing Conditions

Analysis, Research and Evaluation of a Proposed Project

Assess and Prove the Economic

Technical Viability of the Scope

Evaluation of Existing

Ensure Cost-effective and Profitable for Client

Assembled all Existing Elements then Review

03 Planning


Detail Measuring of Existing Site Conditions

Coordination between Other Disciplines

Complete Required Input Data

Prepare Sketches and Preliminary Design

Complete Calculation for Power, lighting, Cables, Switchgears etc.

Prepare Bill of Material and Material Take-Off

Budget Cost Estimate and Schedule for Execution

05 Bid, Support and Supervision of Bid Stage


Attend to the Bidders Meeting

Explanation for the Execution Process at Site

Review Questions and Respond to the Bidders (RFIs)

Review Contractor Prices and Prepare Bid Evaluation Matrix

Advise Client/Stakeholders (Regarding Awarded Bidder)

02 Specify Requirement


Existing Drawings

Review Existing Layout and Plan

Crosscheck Scope, Proposal and Update Existing

Coordinate with Client and Stakeholders

Complete Contract

04 Detail Design


Software Analysis

Calculations and Studies

Detail Design by Professional Engineers

Review and Internal Check by Senior Professional Engineer/s

Cross Check with the other Disciplines

Final Check and Submit to Client/stakeholders for Approval

Issued Drawings for Bid/Construction

06 Construction Support and Supervision


Provide Site Instruction if Contractors Needs Advise

Review Shop Drawings and Vendor Documents

Provide Contemplated Change Notice (CCN) to Contractors

Review Contractor’s Price and Advice

Site Investigation Reviews at %25, %50, and % 75

Provide Progress Report at Payments

07 As-Built Drawings and Closing

Prepare Deficiency Report

Prepare %100 Progress Report and Payments

Prepare Substantial Completion Certificate at %100 of Construction

Complete as-built Drawings

Close out Documents for Record of Client

Issue Total Completion Certificate